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Please find below our General Rental Conditions for a rental agreement concerning Maison Agora, 14 Place Eglise Côme et Damien, 24370 Simeyrols, France. These General Rental Conditions contain important information for you as a tenant. For this reason, we recommend that you read them carefully.


  1. Tenant: the person (m/f) who rents the holiday home in his or her name.
  2. Landlord: the owner of the holiday home or his representative.
  3. Rental agreement: an agreement for renting or letting a holiday home that is deemed to have been concluded between the tenant and the landlord, of which the present terms and conditions form part.
  4. Agreement: any commitment or agreement between the tenant and the landlord, and of which these terms and conditions form part.
  5. Rental price: price per night multiplied by the number of nights agreed. The rent can be increased with costs and deposit.
  6. Initial payment: part of the rent that the tenant owes to the landlord when booking.
  7. Deposit: amount that the tenant pays to the landlord in advance for any costs, damage or loss for which the tenant is responsible.
  8. Holiday home: Maison Agora.
  9. Maison Agora: holiday home located at 14 Place Eglise Côme et Damien, 24370 in Simeyrols, France.
  10. Website: Maison Agora's website:
  11. General Rental Conditions: the present General Rental Conditions.

Prices and Information

  1. All prices stated on the website include VAT and tourist tax.
  2. The booking includes gas, electricity, water, bed linen, towels, tea towels, pool towels.
  3. Additional costs, such as cleaning costs or a deposit, will be stated clearly in good time prior to the rental agreement. In addition, these costs will be specified separately in the offer.
  4. The final cleaning fee of € 200 is mandatory.
  5. The content of the website has been compiled with the greatest possible care. However, the landlord cannot guarantee that all information on the website is correct and complete at all times. All prices and other information provided on the website and in other materials are therefore subject to evident programming errors and typing errors.

Formation of the Rental Agreement

  1. A booking request for Maison Agora can be submitted via the website or via email. The landlord will then send an offer and the corresponding prices. If the tenant wishes to accept the offer, a request for an initial payment will be made, which the tenant must pay within 8 days.
  2. After receipt of the initial payment by the landlord, the booking request becomes a booking confirmation and the rental agreement is formed. If the tenant wishes to cancel after the booking is confirmed, cancellation charges will be due.
  3. Only the persons listed by the tenant when entering into the rental agreement may stay at Maison Agora. If the landlord finds that there are more people staying at Maison Agora (or elsewhere on the Maison Agora grounds, such as in tents or caravans) than stated and agreed, the landlord is entitled to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect and to have the tenant (and accompanying persons) removed, without the tenant being entitled to a (partial) refund of the rent, or to charge a surcharge of € 100 per guest per night, at the discretion of the landlord.
  4. The number of persons stated and agreed includes all persons regardless of age.
  5. If it is established that the tenant provided incorrect information when accepting the offer or otherwise concluding the rental agreement, the landlord has the right to suspend fulfillment of its obligation until the correct information has been received.
  6. If the landlord is forced to cancel the rental agreement due to force majeure or the sale of the holiday home, the landlord will inform the tenant of this as soon as possible by e-mail. The landlord undertakes to immediately repay amounts already paid. The tenant has no other right than to reclaim this amount.

Performance of the Rental Agreement

  1. The landlord is responsible for the information, description and images of Maison Agora on the website.
  2. The landlord ensures that the relevant information about Maison Agora is provided on the website and that this information is accurate. However, it is possible that Maison Agora deviates slightly from the description, for example due to adjustments to the house in recent times.
  3. Should certain information or features of the house be really essential for the tenant, it is the tenant's responsibility to verify this beforehand.
  4. During the rental period and the stay at Maison Agora, the tenant must adhere to the abovementioned Maison Agora House Rules.
  5. In addition to the abovementioned Maison Agora House Rules, the landlord and/or the hostess may also set additional house rules that apply to the tenant.

Right of Revocation and Cancellation

  1. The statutory right of revocation (reflection period of 14 days) is excluded for rental agreements as this concerns the rental of accommodation with a specific date or period.
  2. If the tenant wishes to cancel the booking made, the tenant must notify the landlord by e-mail. The date on which the cancellation is received will determine what part of the rent is due, by way of cancellation charges:
    1. Cancellation made more than 42 days before commencement of the rental period: 30% of the total rent (deposit will be refunded).
    2. Cancellation made 29-42 days before commencement of the rental period: 50% of the total rent (deposit will be refunded).
    3. Cancellation made 0-28 days before rental period: 100% of the total rent (deposit will be refunded).
  3. If the tenant is entitled to a refund after the cancellation, the landlord must repay this amount to the tenant within 8 days after cancellation.


  1. The rent (including deposit) is paid in full via the bank.
  2. If the tenant books more than 8 weeks before the commencement of the rental period, the tenant must pay an initial payment of 30% of the rent at the time of booking, after which the tenant will receive a rental agreement and the booking is confirmed.
  3. The remaining rent must be paid no later than 8 weeks before the commencement of the rental period.
  4. If the tenant books less than 8 weeks before the commencement of the rental period, the tenant must pay the total rent and deposit.
  5. If - after a 1st reminder – the tenant fails to meet its payment obligation in time, the booking will lapse without obligation to refund an already paid initial payment.
  6. Departure earlier than planned – regardless of the reason or cause – does not lead to a refund of paid rent and cleaning costs.


  1. The tenant pays a deposit. The deposit of € 500 will be added to the remaining rental amount and will be refunded at the end of the rental period.
  2. However, the landlord has the right to withhold costs from the deposit if the tenant, his co-tenants, visitors or pets have caused any damage to the house, the inventory and/or the living environment, as well as for additional cleaning and service charges not settled during the stay.
  3. Maison Agora is neatly handed over by the tenant at the end of the stay. Crockery with accessories is returned clean in the cupboards. Moved furniture must be returned to its original position. Damage, defects or missing items must be reported to the landlord immediately by the tenant.
  4. In principle, damage is understood to mean the costs of repair, and if repair is not possible, the costs of replacement.
  5. The final inspection for damage is done immediately after the departure of the tenant.

Complaints Procedure

  1. The tenant may submit complaints about Maison Agora to the landlord. The landlord will discuss with the tenant which solution is desirable and realistic. The tenant must report complaints and/or problems (blockages, leaks, etc.) to the landlord as soon as possible after discovering them in order to enable the landlord to solve the problem. The landlord will do its best to resolve well-founded complaints for the tenant as soon as possible.
  2. If a complaint is not resolved by the end of the rental period, the tenant must also submit the complaint in writing to the landlord within 7 days after the end of the rental period.
  3. Any financial compensation for complaints reported afterwards is excluded.


  1. The tenant remains legally liable for damage that he/she has caused, even if this damage is established after the end of the stay. Established damage will be charged.
  2. The tenant is legally liable for his (non-)acting as well as the actions of his co-tenants and visitors, as well as for the damage they cause. The tenant must be insured against legal liability.
  3. The landlord accepts no liability for damage suffered by the tenant and/or co-tenants and/or visitors or their property as a result of his stay in Maison Agora or the surrounding garden.
  4. The landlord accepts no liability for damage in connection with theft, misappropriation or loss of items in the rented space(s) or on the site. These items reside in the rented property or on the grounds of Maison Agora at the own risk of the owner and/or interested party.
  5. The tenant and/or co-tenants and/or visitors are at all times responsible for their own safety and behaviour. The landlord declines any liability for accidents, injuries or illnesses that occur during the stay in Maison Agora or the surrounding area.
  6. To the extent permitted by law, the lessor is not liable for failure or failure of electrical, mechanical or other equipment or goods, including the rented house itself and the swimming pool, but will make every effort to repair within a reasonable time. No compensation or discount will be given for the time when this equipment or goods cannot be used.
  7. Likewise, there will be no refunds for inclement weather or any nuisance caused by the natural elements of the venue such as flying insects, vermin or the animal population.
  8. The lessor is also not liable for nuisance from outside the rented property (such as noise nuisance).
  9. Any limitation or exclusion of liability included in the rental agreement or the General Terms and Conditions does not apply if and insofar as the damage is the result of intent or willful recklessness on the part of the lessor.
  10. If the landlord is nevertheless liable towards the tenant, the compensation is limited to a maximum of the amount paid by the tenant to the landlord.
  11. The tenant and any other persons staying at Maison Agora must have appropriate liability, accident and health insurance during the stay. The landlord is not liable for the consequences of not having appropriate insurance.

Animal Companions

  1. To bring animal companions, you need permission from the landlord. Refusal of permission does not entitle the tenant to cancel the booking free of charge.
  2. If permission has been granted, you may bring a maximum of two animal companions and the following rules apply to the animal companion(s):
    1. The tenant is at all times responsible for the behavior of the animal companion(s), including any damage or claims from the landlord or third parties.
    2. The presence of an animal companion can result in additional cleaning costs (dirt brought in, floors, hair loss, odor, additional airing of rooms, etc.). If there are additional costs, these will be passed on to the tenant and deducted from the deposit.
    3. Naturally, it is not allowed that animal companions are on the sofas and/or beds, or in the swimming pool.
    4. Each animal companion must be free of fleas.
    5. Any excrement must be removed by the tenant from the garden or area surrounding Maison Agora.

Arrival and Departure times

  1. The arrival time is from 16:00 in the afternoon.
  2. The departure time is no later than 10:00 in the morning.
  3. The tenant must strictly adhere to these times unless otherwise agreed and recorded in advance.
  4. If the tenant nevertheless exceeds the departure time, a subsequent rental period can be charged and all costs arising from this and any claims from subsequent tenants are for the account of the exceeding tenant.

Responsibilities and Obligations

  1. In connection with the smooth running of the stay, the tenant is obliged to comply with the guidelines of the landlord and the hostess and the tenant is legally liable for damage that would be the result of his wrongful behavior or non-compliance with the guidelines or these terms and conditions.
  2. The tenant undertakes to respect the rented house, including its contents, and its surroundings, including the noise level in the area.
  3. The tenant is obliged to grant access to the house or garden for necessary repairs and garden maintenance.
  4. The tenant must return any household equipment such as a washing machine, oven or dishwasher clean and empty upon departure. In case of non-compliance, this can be charged.
  5. Use of sound equipment, television and household equipment is subject to proper functioning.


  1. By making a booking you will be included in our address file. If you no longer appreciate this, you can let us know by sending an email to In the context of the Personal Data Protection Act, we do not provide your personal data to third parties. We use your data to keep track of the status of your reservation and payment. Furthermore, to send you the necessary information about your stay and finally to keep you informed of our services.
  2. In various places on our website, links are made to websites of third parties. This is the case, for example, with links and tips. The landlord is neither responsible nor liable for its content.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, complaints or comments after reading these General Rental Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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